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Your questions answered

During your application journey, Koyo will ask you to log into your online bank account, so we can access, on a read-only basis your bank transactional data. Only you can choose to share your data using open banking, and the data helps us decide if we can lend to you. Koyo will never see your online banking username or password. We also have no access to your bank account to make changes or withdraw money – and never will.

We use your transactional data to help us with our lending decision. So we can make sure that a loan with Koyo is the right loan for you.

Yes, if you wish to repay your loan early in full, you can log on to the customer online portal area and request a Settlement Quotation or you can contact [email protected] or call us on 020 3966 4897. Your Settlement Quotation will provide you with all the information you need to repay your loan in full.
Important: Settlement quotes are valid for 28 days and the amount due is the balance outstanding, plus 28 days interest.
No - Koyo do not offer payment holidays, if you are struggling to repay your loan you must contact us to discuss your circumstances, either complete the online contact form, call us on 020 3966 4897 or Email us at: [email protected].
We're sorry to hear that your circumstances have changed. Don’t worry, we are here to help. If you are struggling to repay your loan, get in touch with us asap, you can use our contact us page on our website, call us on 020 3966 4897 or Email us at: [email protected].