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The #KoyoLife Series – Koyo Values

Written byPeter Kent
First published30th October 2019
  • Our values

We started Koyo to help create a world with greater mobility by providing everyone with their fundamental right to credit. This vision requires a laser focus on values. We’ve prioritised building a strong internal culture from the day we started working together.

Recently, we took a trip away from Koyo HQ to the university town of Oxford to formalise what values we wanted to follow both as a business, and as employees of Koyo. These values are timeless, and will be adopted in every aspect of our dealings – from the hiring decisions we make, to the business strategies we execute. 

Our values

  • We do the right thing
  • We are honest
  • We are courageous 
  • We are equal

We do the right thing speaks to an innate human understanding of what is right and wrong. Moreover, we trust the people who work here to go with their gut and use their best judgement in situations where profit or personal ambition might tempt otherwise. 

We are honest speaks to our resolve to be open and transparent. No one is too important to have all the information, or too junior to not have access to it. On top of that, we also treat our borrowers as we’d treat each other – with respect and integrity.

We are courageous speaks to our drive to try new things, be optimistic and our desire to succeed.

We are equal speaks to our desire to treat people in a respectful way, and not hold preconceptions about people who come from different backgrounds. 

At Koyo we truly understand the value of setting a solid foundation for a rewarding culture to thrive. Through a strong set of values, mission and vision statements, we feel empowered to tackle the hardest challenges and reach for the highest heights.

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