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A personal loan is one of the simplest ways to borrow money. Because of that, it’s also one of the most popular: there are hundreds of options out there, each one slightly different. Here we'll tell you everything you need to know about personal loans: what to consider before you take one out, what to look for and how to make sure that you choose the right option for you.
‘I need a loan but keep getting declined’ – What to do next

Having a loan application rejected is undoubtedly frustrating, but it’s not the end of the world. There are lots of loan providers out there, and there are some simple steps you can take to improve your chances of future approval. Here, we explain what to do following several loan applications and how Koyo Loans can […]

Can you get more than one loan at a time?

Depending on your financial circumstances, it might make sense to apply for several loans simultaneously. But is doing so a good idea? Here, we look at whether you can get more than one loan at a time and offer some insight into whether your applications are likely to be successful.  So, can you get more […]

What is a personal loan for debt consolidation?

If you have multiple sources of high-interest debt, you might benefit from a debt consolidation loan. But who is this type of loan for, and how do you apply? Below, we provide you with the lowdown on debt consolidation loans and explain how Koyo Loans could help you. Unsecured personal loans & debt consolidation explained  […]

Personal loansJuly, 8, 2022
How do I know if I’m getting the best loan rates?

With so many financial institutions and third parties willing to provide you with a loan, knowing if you’re being offered the best rate can be challenging. After all, loans can be tricky to understand if you don’t know what you’re looking for. To help out, we’ve put together some of our top tips on how […]

LoansPersonal loansJune, 23, 2022
What is a soft credit check?

When applying for a loan, a lender will conduct a credit check on your financial profile to ensure that you’re capable of successfully paying the money back. In turn, you can be approved for a loan that could help with car finance or home improvements. But what exactly is a soft credit check and how […]

Personal loansNovember, 29, 2021
How do loans work?

With all the financial jargon and variety of options on offer, it can sometimes be difficult to wrap your head around how loans actually work. However, with all the right information, it’s a lot more simple than you may think. To help out, this article will answer some frequently asked questions about loans and outline […]

Personal loansNovember, 25, 2021
The pros and cons of personal loans

A personal loan is one of the simplest ways to borrow money – this article covers the pros and cons in detail, to help you make an informed decision.

Personal loansNovember, 23, 2021
Step by Step: How to get a loan

Traditionally, applying for a loan is fraught with difficulties. From not having the right credit score to waiting weeks for a response, loan applications have the ability to cause unnecessary hassle. However, with the rise of online lenders in recent times, the process has become a lot smoother. Unsure about the process of getting a […]

Personal loansNovember, 23, 2021
Have you been refused a loan? Here’s what to do next

Being declined for a loan can be worrying. It shouldn’t be though: it happens to almost everyone at some point – the important thing is how you react to it. In this article, we’ll look at a couple of different angles, focusing on: Why you might have been rejected for a personal loan in the […]

Personal loansOctober, 12, 2021
Can foreign nationals get a loan in the UK?

A guide to personal loans in the UK for foreign nationals, with guidance on what lenders look for and how to maximise your chances of accessing credit

Personal loansSeptember, 7, 2021