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How to plan your holiday a year in advance

Written byKoyo Loans
First published19th August 2022
  • Choose your destination
  • Arrange your finances
  • Check visa and other travel requirements
  • Pay for your holiday with a personal loan today

Given the prevalence and affordability of last-minute holiday deals, many of us aren’t particularly concerned about scheduling a holiday in advance. However, planning your holiday at least a year in advance has many benefits, as it allows you enough time to do your research and get your finances in order. Below, we explain how to start planning next year’s holiday and offer our tips on how to get your finances in order ahead of your departure. 

Choose your destination

When it comes to international travel, the world is your oyster. For many people, this means that choosing a destination can be tough, as there are so many exciting tourist destinations for you to think about. Whether you fancy a beach resort in Bali or a summer sojourn to the Seychelles, begin by researching your preferred destinations at least one year before going. 

You will need to think about your available budget (as we explain below), as well as the weather conditions at the time of year in the destination of your choice. When you’ve put together a shortlist of destinations, it’s time to formulate your budget and payment plan. 

Arrange your finances

Budgeting for a holiday can be tricky. But arranging your finances one year in advance is an effective way of going about it. Your first job is to put together a budget. No matter how you plan on paying for your holiday, you should think about what you can afford. Here are some of the things you need to think about from a financial perspective: 

Affordability & budget 

As much as you might like to spend two weeks at a five-star beach resort in the Bahamas, it’s not an option for many of us! So, your budget should include: 

  • Flights and internal transfers 
  • Accommodation, meals, and drinks 
  • Spending money and excursions 
  • Travel insurance 
  • Car hire 

Make sure you think about all aspects of your trip, so you don’t get any unwelcome surprises nearer the date. 

Payment options 

There are lots of ways to fund a holiday. Arguably the best way to go about it is to save the money in advance, so you can settle your bills without interest. However, another potential option is to take out an unsecured personal loan. At Koyo Loans, we offer unsecured personal loans of between £1,500 and £12,000 that you can use to pay for your holiday. 24.9% APR Representative. We covered how to pay for a holiday in this blog post in detail. 

Planning your finances one year in advance enables you to budget accordingly and set your plans in motion well in advance of your travel date. 

Check visa and other travel requirements

Depending on the country that you travel to, you will need to check whether you require a visa to enter. Most tourist visas are really easy to get, but you will need to apply ahead of time as they can take several weeks to be processed. 

The best place to look for information about visas is the government’s Foreign Travel Advice page, which has up to date information about all countries in the world. As well as visa and vaccination details, you can also find out accurate information about the safety and security in the country in question, as well as other important things to think about before planning your trip.

Pay for your holiday with a personal loan today

Using an unsecured personal loan to pay for your holiday is a viable option for many people. When you’re planning your trip a year in advance, it also gives you sufficient time to pay off some or even all of your loan before your holiday starts. 

Therefore, when you return home, you can start saving up for your next holiday without having to worry about paying off the balance of your recent trip. We offer unsecured loans of between £1,500 and £12,000 that are ideal for paying for your holiday. 24.9% APR Representative. Use our loan calculator today to see how much you could borrow to pay for your upcoming holiday.

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