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The #KoyoLife Series: Santi

Written byPeter Kent
First published18th November 2019
  • How did you first hear about Koyo?  
  • Growing up, what did you want to be? 
  • What does a typical working day at Koyo look like, for you? 
  • Describe the culture at Koyo 
  • What do you do outside of Koyo? 
  • What are your colleagues like at Koyo? 

At Koyo, we place significant focus on mission, vision and values – and hire accordingly. In our #KoyoLife series, we explore what it’s really like to work at Koyo. 

Introducing Santi, our Frontend Developer, on his life and experience of Koyo so far. 

How did you first hear about Koyo?  

I found Koyo through an advert on AngelList and the business seemed very appealing from a technical perspective. Koyo were hiring for a Frontend Developer and I was looking for a new adventure, so I applied, and the rest is history. 

Guy and Thomas’ ambition, and the market opportunity attracted me from the start. I knew it would be a real learning opportunity. 

Growing up, what did you want to be? 

An inventor. I have always liked to solve things in a creative way. That is ultimately why I am web developer; to create new things, from scratch.

What does a typical working day at Koyo look like, for you? 

In the tech-team, our day starts with a daily stand-up (or status call, as I’m working remotely). We check the tasks that we didn’t finish the day before, create a schedule for the day ahead and then share and agree priorities, comments and specs needed to deliver on these. 

This meeting kick-starts the day, and really boosts focus on solving the most pressing tasks at hand.

The rest of the wider team are in constant communication via Slack, where we give and receive any feedback, or help.

As I mentioned, I work remotely so I am free to work from anywhere in the world. Currently, I live in Copenhagen but previously I lived in Valencia. Some weeks I travel to France, or to Barcelona (home) to visit friends and family. Being able to travel whilst working at Koyo is a huge benefit, and really helps with my work-life balance.

Describe the culture at Koyo 

The culture at Koyo is the culture you would expect from the best young high-growth start-ups. Hours are generally very flexible, as long as you do the job at hand. You’re really trusted and empowered to make your own decisions, and manage your days the way you’d like.

In the tech-team specifically, there are no high pressure deadlines because (as with any solid tech-team), the quality of the solution and the resilience of the code, is much more important than solving something quickly.

When a tech-team make ‘quality’ a requirement, the deadlines are the things that change, not the teams mood or stress.

What do you do outside of Koyo? 

I work on self-development and feeding my soul with positive energy. I like going out with friends, calling the family, listening to music, reading spiritual books, and watching series on Netflix. 

As I recently moved to Copenhagen, I love discovering new places in the city, setting up my apartment with new tech, and keeping my plants alive.  

What are your colleagues like at Koyo? 

Easy going, and very talented. This is one of my favourite things about Koyo; the people. 

It is very comforting to find yourself working in a company surrounded by people that are completely committed to doing their jobs the best they can, and with the best attitudes. This individual energy becomes the company’s shared energy, and is driving us to create a solid foundation for #KoyoLife in the years to come.

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