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Debt Consolidation

What debt can be consolidated?

Many borrowers commonly use personal loans as a means of debt consolidation. However, this can be risky and requires an in-depth look at your own finances before applying. Below, we’ve gone into detail answering commonly asked questions surrounding debt consolidations, to give you a clearer understanding. What debt can be consolidated? You can use […]

Would debt consolidation affect my credit?

While there is a huge variety of uses for personal loans, many borrowers use loans to consolidate debt. However, a decision on this kind of borrowing requires an assessment of your personal finances before submitting an application. Here, we’ve gone into detail answering some of the frequently asked questions regarding debt consolidation. Would debt […]

Can I consolidate my debt before applying for a mortgage?

Consolidating your debts can be an effective way of reorganising your finances. But what happens if you already have a mortgage? Below, we take a look at what you need to think about if you’re planning to consolidate your debts and what impact it might have on your current or future mortgage payments. Can […]